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Remembering The Hitman and Her!

The Hitman and Her started airing in the late 80s, through to the early 90s. Filming live from night clubs around the country, the show (presented by Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan) gained a hardcore following of TV viewers arriving home from pubs and clubs around the country.

Who were the presenters of the Hitman and Her?

Pete Waterman (The Hitman) and Michaela Strachan (Her) were the presenters of the show.  The show was Waterman’s brainchild.  He said the idea came about when he turned on TV after a night out and the only station still on air was showing a talkshow about Irish Politics.

Waterman was a music mogul, writing and producing many hits.  He was part of the Stock Aitken Waterman partnership that dominated the charts of the time.

Strachan hosted Boogie Box on the music channel Music Box.  She would later go onto to become a well known presenter on wildlife programmes.

The Hitman and Her
Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan

What was the music track on the Hitman and Her?

The title music soundtrack on the Hitman and Her was a tune called Cocoon by Timerider.

The track can be purchased on Amazon UK – Click here to Buy.

I actually use the track as my ringtone. It’s iconic.

Who were the Dancers on the Hitman and Her?

Jason Orange (Take That), Jimmy Constable and Spike Dawbarn of 911 were regular dancers on the show but probably the most memorable and iconic was Clive “Wiggy” Donaldson who was generally at the centre of proceedings wearing his white/blonde wig. 

The pro dancers on the show were pretty spectacular.  Some of the amateur dancers in the crowd less so!

Clive Wiggy Donaldson

What night clubs did the Hitman and Her visit?

The very first show was broadcast from Mr Smiths night club in Warrington on 3 September 1988.

The final show was broadcast from the Discotheque Royale in Manchester on the 5th December 1992.

The other clubs the show visited were:

Bowlers (Manchester)
Discotheque Royale (Manchester)
The Dome (Birmingham)
The Eclipse (Coventry)
Fallows (Liverpool)
Flicks (Brechin)
Hollywoood Boulevard (Dunfermline)
Kingstons (Taunton)
Lexington Avenue (LAs) (Hull)
Libertys (Sale)
Mr Smiths (Warrington)
The Palace (Blackpool)
Palm Court (Southport)
The Paradox (Liverpool)
Park Hall (Chorley)

The Mall (Stockton on Tees)
The Ritzy (Bromborough, Wirral)
The Ritzy (Burnley)
The Ritzy (Coventry)
The Ritzy (Kingston)
The Ritzy (Leeds)
The Ritzy (Nottingham)
The Rozy (Bury)
Roxys (Sheffield)
Sequins (Blackpool)
Shellys (Stoke)
The Studio (Newcastle)
Tokyo Jos (Preston)
Twilight Zone (Cornwall)

Your Memories of the Hitman and Her?

Did you ever attend one of the shows?  Or Do you remember watching the show?  Let us know in the comments!

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